Filson Club Publications Number 9 the Political Club Danville Kentucky 1786-1790
Proceedings of the Southern New Hampshire Bar Association at Its Fifth Annual Meeting Held at Nashua N H February 26 1896
Old English Sports Pastimes and Customs
Autobiography of Col Richard Malcolm Johnston Pp1-188
Ned Wright the Story of His Life
Greek Wit A Collection of Smart Sayings and Anecdotes Translated from Greek Prose Writers
Public Document No 11 Annual Report of the Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners for the Years 1897
A Short Account of the First Preaching of the Gospel by the Apostles Being a Continuation of Conversations on the Life of Jesus Christ by a Mother
Riberside Educational Monographs History in the Elementary School
Hulls Mental Arithmetic a Mental Arithmetic Based on Analysis and Induction
Works Management Library Experiences in Efficiency
Five Sermons on the Nature of Christianity Preached in Advent and Christmas Tide 1846 Before the University of Cambridge
How Germany Does Business Chapters on Export and Finance Methods
Results of Observations of the Fixed Stars Made with the Meridian Circle at the Government Observatory Madras in the Years 1883 1884 1885 1886 and 1887 Under the Direction of the Late Norman Robert Pogson CIE FRAS
Small Books on Great Subjects No XI Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century in a Series of Letters to a Lady
Field and Laboratory Studies of Crops An Elementary Manual for Students of Agriculture
Ladies at Work Papers on Paid Employments for Ladies Pp1-142
Special Laws of the State of Maine Passed by the Sixth Legislature at Its Session Held in January 1826
Rollos Experiments
Oriental Musings and Other Poems
Transactions of the Third Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological Association Held in the City of Philadelphia May 9 10 and 11 1881
The Common Sense of Socialism A Series of Letters Addressed to Jonathan Edwards of Pittsburg Pp1-183
History of the First Universalist Church in Somerville Mass A Souvenir of the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrated February 15-21 1904
Physical Laboratory Experiments for Engineering Students Part I Mechanics Sound Heat and Light
Advent of Empire
Talks on the Labor Troubles
Lincoln the World Emancipator
Popular Essays Upon the Care of the Teeth and Mouth
Members of One Body Six Sermons
How Jesus Met Life Questions
Durham Cathedral An Address Delivered September 24 1879
Narratives from Macaulay I the Trial of the Bishops II the Siege of Londonderry III the Massacre of Glencoe
Great Cities and Remarkable Places
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud Original Text Edited Corrected Formulated and Translated Into English Section Jurisprudence (Damages) Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate Part II) Volume IV (XII) Pp 145-316
Treatise on the Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers With a New Theory on the Cause of the Existence of Bars
Proceedings at the 38th Annual Meeting of the National Civil Service Reform League Held at Philadelphia April 11 1919 Proceedings at the Annual Meeting of the National Civil Service Reform League Held at Philadelphia Pa Dec 2 1915
The Baths of Rhenish Germany With Notices of the Adjacent Towns
The Bronze Founders of Nuremberg Peter Vischer and His Family
Christian Trials a Narrative from Real Life
Lars A Pastoral of Norway
Paul the Interpreter of Christ
Christs Cure for Care
Prayers for Public Worship
The Church Club Lectures Delivered in 1894 and 1895
Balance the Fundamental Verity
Browning Biographical Notes Appreciations and Selections from His Fifty Men and Women
The Key of Libberty Shewing the Causes Why a Free Government Has Always Failed and a Remidy Against It Pp 1-69
Chains A Play in Four Acts
Hebrew Idolatry and Superstition Its Place in Folk-Lore
Inspiration and Truth Frome the Right Reverend Phillips Brooks Doctor of Divinity and Bishop of Massachusetts
The Carib Chief A Tragedy in Five Acts
Honour Triumphant and a Line of Life Two Tracts by John Fordge the Dramatist Unknown to the Editors of His Works and Now First Reprinted from the Original Copies Published in 1606 and 1620
The Blood of the Nation A Study of the Decay of Races Through the Survival of the Unfit
By Violence
Hay Any Worke for Cooper Being a Reply to the Admonition to the People of England
Teachers Manual Or the Best Method of Teaching the Natural History of Injurious and Beneficial Insects
The Pronunciation of Greek Accent and Quantity A Philological Inquiry
The Mission of the American Board to West Central Africa Pioneer Work 1881
Rules for Admission to the Civil Service of the City of Buffalo Session 8 Chapter 354 Laws of 1883 of the State of New York as Amended to November 1890 January 1892
Correspondence and Remarks in Regard to Bishop Doanes Signature of the Name of Horace Binney
Index to Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates
Ceremonies Connected with the Inauguration of the Mausoleum and the Unveiling of the Recumbent Figure of General Robert Edward Lee at Washington and Lee University Lexington Va Oration Historical Sketch June 28 1883
Fasting Girls Their Physiology and Pathology
The Canticles at Evensong Together with the Office Responses and a Table of Psalm-Tones
Tama The Diary of a Japanese School Girl
American Individualism
Illustrated Biographies of the Great Artists Angiolotto Bondone Called Giotto
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Leonidas Campbell Houk a Representative from Tennessee Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate January 30th and February 9th 1892 52nd Congress 1st Session
Washington A National Epic in Six Cantos
National Contest Containing Portraits and Biographies of Our National Favorites
Missionary Tales for Little Listeners
Helps to Belief Miracles
Anglo-Indian Prize Poems by Native and English Writers Commemoration of the Visit of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to India
The Life and Public Services of James A Garfield Twentieth President of the United States A Biographical Sketch
A History of the Establishment and Residence of the Jews in England With an Enquiry Into Their Civil Disabilities
Riches Without Wings or the Cleveland Family
Solutions of the Examples Appended to a Treatise on the Motion of a Rigid Body
Outline of the Geology of the Globe and of the United States in Particular With Two Geological Maps and Sketches of Characteristic American Fossils
Clarendon Press Series Outlines of Textual Criticism Applied to the New Testament
Statutes and Enactments Concerning Railways Having Reference to the North Shore Railway of the Province of Qu bec Canada
Fairview Boys on a Ranch Or Riding with the Cowboys
Theodric A Domestic Tale and Other Poems
Labourers in the Vineyard Dioramic Scenes in the Lives of Eminent Christians
Applied Psychology Psychology and Achievement Being the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency
Reflections in a Lent Reading of the Epistle to the Romans
Waltons Normal Series an Intellectual Arithmetic with an Introduction to Written Arithmetic
Heaths English Classics Burkers Speech on Conciliation with America 1775
Boston School Series The Easy Primer
Friendships Garland Being the Conversations Letters and Opinions of the Late Arminius Baron Von Thunder-Ten-Tronckh
The Sisters A Domestic Tale
Intestinal Obstruction
David Western
Pulmonary Tuberculosis Its Etiology Symptomatology and Therapeutics
Essays on the Kindergarten Being a Selection of Lectures Read Before the London Froebel Society Pp 8-149
The Fair Evanthe A Poem in Five Cantos and Other Poems
Ajax Loquitur Or the Autobiography of an Old Locomotive Engine
Memorable Passages from the Bible (Authorized Version)
Principles of Mechanics and Their Application to Prime Movers Naval Architecture Iron Bridges Water Supply c Being an Abstract of Lectures
William Knibb Missionary in Jamaica a Memoir
A Scheme for Imperial Federation A Senate for the Empire Three Articles Reprinted with Additions from the Westminster Review of April July and October 1876
Modern Idols Studies in Biography and Criticism
Pulmonary Consumption Successfully Treated with Naphtha
The University of Chicago the First Part of Sir John Oldcastle A Historical Drama A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Literature
Correspondence Relative to the Budgets of Various Countries
Notes on the Post-Pliocene Geology of Canada With Especial Reference to the Conditions of Accumulation of the Deposits and the Marine Life of the Period
Centennial Celebration Proceedings in Connection with the Celebration at New Bedford September 14th 1864 of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Dartmouth Poem by James B Congdon
Dresden China and Other Songs
Songs from the Novelists From Elizabeth to Victoria
Boodle and Co a Musical Play in a Prologue Two Acts and Epilogue
Lectures on Syphilitic Osteitis and Periostitis
Along the Way
Overtones A Book of Verse
Religion in the Light of Philosophy
The Book of the Peach Being a Practical Handbook on the Cultivation of the Peach Under Glass and Out-Of-Doors
The Golden Age A Satire
Sermons on the Failure of Protestantism and on Catholicity Pp 1-165
Irvines Dictionary of Titles an Exhaustive Work on the Correct Use of Titles and Salutations in Writing and Speaking Upon Original Plans
Chetham Society Vol LXXVI Remains Historical Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester Observations and Instructions Divine and Morall in Verse
The Great Adventure A Play of Fancy in Four Acts
Teachers Manual Part I for Frangs Complete Course in Form-Study and Drawing Book I and II
A Guide to the Ancient City of Winchester and Reminiscences of Winchester A Series of Poems by Christopher Wood
Letters to the Hon William Prescott LL D on the Free Schools of New England With Remarks Upon the Principles of Instruction
Struggles of the Early Christians From the Days of Our Saviour to the Reign of Constantine
Consumers and Social Reform
Experimental Chemistry for Junior Students Part I Introductory
The Worship of God and Fellowship Among Men A Series of Sermons on Public Worship
Premium List of the South Carolina Institute Incorporated in 1850 for the Promotion and Encouragement of the Arts Agriculture Ingenuity Mechanics Manufactures and a General Development of Industry
Americana Germanica Schwenkfelder Hymnology and the Sources of the First Schwenkfelder Hymn-Book Printed in America
The Prometheus of Aeschylus With Notes for the Use of Colleges in the United States
Transactions of the Section on Gynecology of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia Volume for 1907
The Toy Cart A Play in Five Acts
The Materials Used in Sizing Their Chemical and Physical Properties and Simple Methods for Their Technical Analysis and Valuation
James Fenimore Cooper
In Colonial Times The Adventures of Ann the Bound Girl of Samuel Wales of Braintree in the Province of Massachusetts Bay
Report of the Street Railway Commission to the City Council of the City of Chicago December 1900 Pp 1-135
Observations on the Title to Lands Derived Through Inclosure Acts
Transfer of the Coast Guard to the Navy Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives Sixty-Sixth Congress Second Session on H R 5516 May 27 1920 Part I
Breakers and Granite Pp 1-161
Architecture Among the Poets
Hay-Fever and Its Successful Treatment
Yale Studies in English XXXVII the Collaboration of Webster and Dekker
Accidents and Emergencies A Manual of the Treatment of Surgical and Medical Emergencies in the Absence of a Physician
Navigation A Short Course Explaining the Principal Problems Met with in Ordinary Everyday Work at Sea
A New Year Offering Miscellaneous Articles in Prose and Poetry
Out West A Story and Guide Book Illustrating with Text and Pictures the Marvelous Resources and Scenes of the Great West
The Three Sorrows of Story-Telling And Ballads of St Columkille
Man a Creative First Cause Two Discourses Delivered at Concord Mass July 1882
An Abridgment of Cases Upon Poor Law From 20 Vict Cap 19 to 26 27 Vict Cap 125 (1857 to 1863 ) in Continuation of Mr Archbolds Poor Law Cases Vol IV
Index to the Fossil Remains of Aves Ornithosauria and Reptilia from the Secondary System of Strata Arranged in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge
Live Articles on Suretyship No 2 a Series of Articles Reprinted from the Monthly Suretyship Spplement of the Weekly Underwriter 1918
Try A Book for Boys
Aldas Leap and Other Stories
Sketches of European Capitals
Elizabethan Sonnet-Cycles Delia Diana
Hollis Dann Music Course Sixth Year Music
Sketches of Fallowfield and the Surrounding Manors Past and Present
Southern Educational Association Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting Held at Asheville N C June 30-July 3 1903
Students Handbook of the Facts of English Literature Arranged in Classified Outlines
In Purple and Gold
Four Addresses
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Annual Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs Part III Forty-First Report of the Bureau of Industrial Statistics Or Volume XLI 1913-14
Letters to Rev B Stow R H Neale and R W Cushman on Modern Revivals
Long Casts and Sure Rises Being a Collection of Angling Yarns and Experiences
Hospital Days
Greek Costume Plays for School or Lawn Performance
Two Studies in International Law
Cooperation in Coopersburg
Sunday-School Lessons on the Teachings of Jesus Chiefly on the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables
The Proceedings of the First General Peace Convention Held in London June 22 1843 and the Two Following Days With the Papers Laid Before the Convention the Letters Read c c
The Childhood of the World A Simple Account of Man in Early Times
Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Boylston Massachusetts August 18 1886
Practical Hints on Teaching
Agathos and Other Sunday Stories
Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series No 10 Handbook of Mental Examination Methods
Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey Bulletin 439 the Fauna of the Moorefield Shale of Arkansas
Sowing and Reaping Or What Will Come of It
First Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State of New York for the Year 1883 [sen Doc No 13]
History of New York In Words of One Syllable
Rough Notes of a Traveller Being an Account of a Trip Round the World Via Ceylon Arabia Egypt Italy France England America Sandwich Islands Fiji c
From Attic to Cellar Or Housekeeping Made Easy
Twenty-Five Cantos from the Divina Commedia of Dante
Gwen A Drama in Monologue in Six Acts
Blue-Bird Weather
Electic Franchises in New York City Pp 267-444
Outlines of the Philosophy of Religion
Burlington Fine Arts Club Pictures Drawings Designs and Studies 1883 Exhibition of Drawings of Architectural Subjects 1884 Exhibition of Drawings in Water Colour and in Black and White
Leisure Hours in a Country Parsonage or Strictures on Men Manners and Books
Landscape Gardening Treatise on the General Principles Governing Outdoor Art With Sundry Suggestions for Their Application in the Commoner Problems of Gardening
Dramatic Idyls First Series
Questions on the Gospels of St Luke John and the Acts of the Apostles
The Voice of the Good Shepherd to His Lost Sheep Being a Practical Exposition of the Former Part of the Parable of the Prodigal Son
Assaying In Three Parts Parts II and III
Transition A Remembrance of Emma Whiting
Earth Sky and Air in Song Pp 1-159
Foul Burn Agitation! Statement Explaining the Nature and History of the Agricultural Irrigation Near Edinburgh
Old German Theology a Hundred Years Before the Reformation with a Preface by Martin Luther Translated from the German
Lays of Many Hours
Stolen Correspondence from the Dead Letter Office Between Musical Celebrities
Ireland A Song of Hope and Other Poems
University of Pennsylvania Experimental Research as a Factor in Commercial Education a Thesis
The Church in the World Or the Living Among the Dead
Searchlights A Play in Three Acts
Songs for Quiet Hours
The Skippers Wooing And the Brown Mans Servant Pp7-186
Studies in Galilee
Steven Crisp and His Correspondents 1657-1692 Being a Synopsis of the Letters in the Colchester Collection
Cosmo De Medici An Historical Tragedy and Other Poems
Christ Is All The Gospel of the Pentateuch Leviticus
Christianity and a Personal Devil An Essay
Chants with the Soul
Publications of the University of Pennsylvania Political Economy and Public Law Series Vol III No 3 The Theory of Dynamic Economics
The Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson Being Extracts from His Prose and Verse Selected and Arranged
The Chrysanthemum Its Culture for Professional Growers and Amateurs A Practical Treatise on Its Propagation Cultivation Training Raising for Exhibition and Market Hybridizing Origin and History
Round and Through the Wesleyan Hymn Book
Sick and in Prison
National Health
Muhlenbergia A Journal of Botany Volume 1 Number 1-9
The Old English Sheep Dog from Puppyhood to Championship A Handbook for Beginners Pp 1-104
The Nearing Case The Limitation of Academic Freedom at the University of Pennsylvania by Act of the Board of Trustees June 14 1915
The Minster With Some Common Flowers Picked in the Close
Negro Neighbors Bond and Free Lessons in History and Humanity
The Men of the Barma-Grande (Baouss -Rouss ) An Account of the Objects Collected in the Museum Praehistoricum Pp6-142
My Bunkie and Other Ballads
Men and Religion
New Education Readers A Synthetic and Phonic Word Method Book Four Reading for the Third Year
Musings in Verse on the Collects for the Sundays and Chief Holydays
On the Authorized Version of the New Testament in Connexion with Some Recent Proposals for Its Revision
New Elementary Geometry with Practical Applications
Negroes and Their Treatment in Virginia from 1865 to 1867
Narrative of the Expedition Which Sailed from England in 1817 to Join the South American Patriots
Mental Discipline Or Hints on the Cultivation of Intellectual and Moral Habits Addressed Pertiqularly to Students in Theology and Young Preachers
Notes on the Food of Plants
US Department of Agriculture Division of Biological Survey North American Fauna No 16
Notes of a Course of Nineteen Lectures on Natural Philosophy Delivered at Guys Hospital During the Session 1872-73
Observations on the Bill for the Regulation and Improvement of Commons 1876
National Hymns Original and Selected For the Use of Those Who Are Slaves to No Sect
Municipal Improvements A Manual of the Methods Utility and Cost of Public Improvements for the Municipal Officer
Letters Poems Tu Es Brither Jan in the Devonshire Dialect First and Second Series
Milestone Moods and Memories Poems and Songs
Pathfinder Physiology No 1 Childs Health Primer for Primary Classes With Special Reference to the Effects of Alcoholic Drinks Stimulants and Narcotics Upon the Human System
Burning Questions
Chapters on Papermaking Vol IV
Songs Etc from the Published Writings
Public Schools for the Middle Classes
Il Pastore Incantato Or the Enchanted Shepherd a Drama Pompeii and Other Poems
House Committee on the District of Columbia Report of Hearings of June 12 and 18 1902 on S 4825
Capitalist and Laborer An Open Letter to Professor Goldwin Smith D C L in Reply to His Capital and Labor and Modern Socialism a Lecture Delivered at the New York School of Philanthrophy
Journal of a Horticultural Tour Through Germany Belgium and Part of France in the Autumn of 1835 To Which Is Added a Catalogue of the Different Species of Cacte in the Gardens at Woburn Abbey
Songs of Yale A New Collection of College Songs
Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin No 428 University Extension Series Vol I No 4 Pp 163- 309 City Government by Commission
Eleventh Biennial Report of the North Carolina Board of Health
Spanish Ways and By-Ways With a Glimpse of the Pyrenees
Hand-Book of the Terrestrial Globe Or Guide to Fitzs New Method of Mounting and Operating Globes
Hymns Selected from the Church Hymn and Tune Book
Cheap-Money Experiments in Past and Present Times Reprinted with Slight Revision from Topics of the Time in the Century Magazine
Essentials of Arithmet Grade II
Practical Methods to Insure Success
Collectivism and the Socialism of the Liberal School A Criticism and an Exposition
Extracts from the Earliest Book of Accounts Belonging to the Town Trustees of Sheffield Dating from 1566 to 1707 with Explanatory Notes
Das Mechanische W rme quivalent Gesammelte Abhandlungen
English Hymnology Reprinted (with Additions and Corrections) from the Monthly Packet
Everyday Manners for American Boys and Girls Faculty of the South Philadelphia High School for Girls
Observations Upon the Prophecies Relating to the Restoration of the Jews With an Appendix in Answer to the Objections of Home Late Wriers
Hints for the Evidences of Spiritualism
Relique Liturgic Vol III Documents Connected with the Liturgy of the Church of England in Five Volumes Vol III- The Parliamentary Directory
Headaches Their Causes and Their Cure
Personal Salesmanship Students Business Book Series
Select Poems of Oliver Goldsmith
Graphical Methods
Extracts from the Letters of Elizabeth Lucy and Judith Ussher Late of the City of Waterford Ireland
The Lance of Kanana A Story of Arabia
Industrial Medicine Being the Papers and Discussions on the Practice of Medicine and the Industries Presented at the Xxxixth Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Medicine Held at Atlantic City June 20 1914
Lectures on Pastoral Theology with Special Reference to the Promises Required on Candidates for Ordination
Haisborough Hall and Other Poems
Fairyland An Opera in Three Acts
Love Laurels Laughter
The Holy Bible in the Authorized Version With Notes and Introductions Vol IV Part I - The Book of Job
Forgotten Facts of Irish History
On Aneurism Especially of the Thorax and Root of the Neck
Triumphs of Modern Architecture A Description of Some of the Celebrated Edifices of Modern Europe
Osirus And Other Poems
New Plays
Old Truths and New Errors
Obscure Nervous Diseases Popularly Explained the Experience of Years Condensed in a Few Pages Being Six Letters Addressed to a Physician on the Many Nervous Affections Resulting from Dental Irritation and Other Sources of Reflex-Nervous Disturbance
Orlean Lamar and Other Poems
The Mythe of Life Four Sermons with an Introduction on the Social Mission of the Church
My Home Farm
My Class for Jesus Records of Labour and Success in Sabbath-School Teaching Pp 1-154
Object Lessons Prepared for Teachers of Primary Schools and Primary Classes
New Letter-Writer for the Use of Ladies Embodying Letters on the Simplest Matters of Life and on Various Subjects with Applications for Situations Etc and a Copious Appendix of Forms of Address Bills Receipts and Other Useful Matter
Observations on the Present Condition of the Island of Trinidad and the Actual State of the Experiment of Negro Emancipation
My Travels Through Europe and My Western Trip
My Egotistigraphy
New Themes Condemned Or Thirty Opinions on New Themes and Its reviewer
Occasional Papers Vol II
Other Poems
My Own Story Illustrating the Spirit and Service of Big Business
Old and New Certainty of the Gospel A Sketch
New Thoughts on an Old Book
My Summer in a Mormon Village Pp 1-169
Just Nerves
Forness Folk Ther Sayins An Dewins Or Sketches of Life and Character in Lonsdale North of the Sands
First Triennial Report of the Alden Kindred of America with the Proceedings of the Meetings Held at Avon Mass 1901 and at Duxbury Mass 1902-1903
Sermons Preached in Toronto During the Session of the Wesleyan Conference and Published by Request as a Memorial of the Toronto Conference of 1870
Sick-Bed Services Compiled from the Holy Scriptures and the Book of Common Prayer
Fifteenth Annual Report of the Trustees of the Boston City Hospital [document 80-1879]
Fanny and the Servant Problem A Quite Possible Play in Four Acts
Wyndham Towers
Celticism a Myth
Alnwick Castle With Other Poems
Latin Prose Composition for College Use Part II
Poems in Pink
Publications of the American Economic Association Road Legislation for the American State Vol IV No 3 May 1889
Report on Forestry in Northern New Jersey Report on Forest Fires for Season 1895 Pp 99-187
Extracts from the Papers of Edwin Price Late of Neath Abbey Glamorganshire with Some Account of His Last Illness and Death
Prize Essay on the Construction of a Simple and Mechanically Perfect Watch Pp 9-95
The Genealogy and Descendants of Luke Fish Sr In Chronological Order from 1760 to 1904
African Items A Volume of Verse
Three Historical Papers The New Haven Convention of 1778 Pp 33-62 the Boundary Line Between Connecticut and New York Pp 271-2911 the Ecclesiastical Constitution of Yale College Pp 405-442
On the Medical Selection of Lives for Assurance
Life and Death Pp1-93
Poems Chiefly Occasional
The Principles and Practice of Elocution The Substance of a Course of Introductory Lectures Delivered at Oxford
State of Nevada Biennial Report of the Secretary of State 1917-1918
Four Americans Roosevelt Hawthorne Emerson Whitman
Introductory Lectures on the Oxford Reformers Colet Erasmus and More
Material and Suggestions for the Use of German in the Classroom
63d Congress 3D Session House of Representatives Document No 1661 Legislation Affecting Children in the District of Columbia Letter from the Attorney General March 3 1915
The Hobart College Series No 1 The Aims and Defects of College Education Comments and Suggestions by Prominent Americans an Original Investigation
What Is Judaism Or a Few Words to the Jews
Supplement to the Account of the Revd John Flamsteed the First Astronomer-Royal Pp 675-751
Canal of Nicaragua Or a Project to Connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by Means of a Canal
Hydraulic Rams Their Principles and Construction Including Some Experiments Carried Out by the Author at the Regent Street Polytechnic and Various Parts of the Country
Pierre Zodiacale Du Temple de Dend rah La
Revals S mmtliche Namen Nebst Vielen Anderen Wissenschaftlich Erkl rt
Lithuanias Case for Independence Pp 1-93
Thoughts on the Nature of Intellectual Property and Its Importance to the State
Report of the Treasurer of the State of Wisconsin for the Two Fiscal Years Ending June 30 1921 and June 30 1922
The Praise of Hypocrisy An Essay in Casuistry
Truth in Season Notes of Addresses at Annual Meetings of Christians at Teignmouth 1871-2
Fir Trees and Fireflies
Character Analysis by the Observational Method Lessons X and XI-Expression
Four Essays on Theological Subjects
Adam and Eve A Margate Story
Croonian Lectures On Some Points in the Pathology and Treatment of Typhoid Fever
Modern Religious Problems The Earliest Sources for the Life of Jesus
Natural Course in Music Music Reader Number Four
Lyrics of Sunshine and Shadow
Morituri Three One-Act Plays Teja-Fritzchen-The Eternal Masculine
The Young Industrial Worker A Study of His Educational Needs
Five Papers on the Past Proceedings and Experience of the Society of Friends In Connexion with the Education of Youth Read at the Meetings of the Friends Educational Society at Ackworth in the Years 1838-1842
Eleven Addresses During a Retreat of the Companions of the Love of Jesus Engaged in Perpetual Intercession for the Conversion of Sinners
David Cox and Peter de Wint
Whillikins A Study in Social Hysteria Pp17-129
Pauperism and Crime
Professional Denture Service Vol II
Tween You and Me
Hypodermic Medication
The Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease Practical Points for Students and Practitioners
The Natural Method Readers A First Reader
Fundamental Facts for the Teacher Pp1-136
Tales and Sketches in Prose and Verse
Foundations of Psychiatry Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series No 32
Our National Education Pp 1-149
Voices and Undertones in Song and Poem
The Guided Life Or Life Lived Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit
Natural Course in Music Music Reader Number One
Sunbeam Willie and Other Stories
A Vision of England And Other Poems
Le Testament Du P Lacordaire Publi Par Le Comte de Montalembert
Facts for Patriots
The Ancient Irish Church Was It Catholic or Protestant
Explaining the Britishers The Story of Englands Mighty Effort in Libertys Cause as Seen by an American Pp 1-124
Fishing with Floating Flies
Guide for Instruction in Judaism A Manual for Schools and Homes Especially Adapted for Teachers Advanced Pupils and for Private Study
The Knack of It Some Essays in Optimism
Cape Coddities
Proceedings of the Inauguration of John Huston Finley as President of the University of the State of New York and Commissioner of Education State Education Building January 2 1914
Laboratory Directions for Elementary Chemistry
Alphonsus Emperor of Germany Reprinted in Facsimile from the Edition of 1654
Law Reform
The Trial of James Thomas Earl of Cardigan Before the Right Honourable the House of Peers in Full Parliament for Felony on Tuesday the 16th Day of February 1841
Report of the Committee Appointed by Order of the Board Dated 30th June 1832 The Circumstances Connected with Mr Bayleys Publication of the Calendars of the Proceedings in Chancery and His Charges for the Same
Studies in Composition a Text-Book for Advanced Classes
Manual of Physical Training Games and Mass Competitions
The History of the Religion of Israel An Old Testament Primer
The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance With an Index to Their Works
Subscription No Bondage Or the Practical Advantages Afforded by the Thirty-Nine Articles as Guides in All the Branches of Academical Education
The Christian Doctrine of Forgiveness of Sin An Essay
Childhood Songs A Book of Words and Music for Primary Classes and the Home
Voyages in the Northern Pacific
Silver Lake Or Lost in the Snow
Old-Age Support of Women Teachers Provisions for Old Age by Women Teachers in the Public Schools of Massachusetts
Childe Harvard a Romance of Cambridge
Arizona and Other Poems
Walks about Zion Ten Lectures
Childrens Classics in Dramatic Form Book One
The Power Handbooks Erecting Work
Eulogies John B Rice of Illinois Alvah Crocker of Massachusetts Smauel F Hersey of Maine Samuel Hooper of Massachusetts
Evidences of the Christian Religion Briefly and Plainly Stated
Five Months Abroad Or Letters from the Ocean and the Land 1850
Enchiridion Containing Institutions Divine - Contemplative Practical Moral - Ethical Economical Political
Federation Colonial and British Being an Exposition of the Federal Systems of Switzerland the United States of America Canada and Germany
Flora of the Blue Hills Middlesex Fells Stony Brook and Beaver Brook Reservations of the Metropolitan Park Commission Massachusetts
Publications of the University of Manchester Economic Series - No IV Gartside Reports on Industry and Commerce No 3 Engineering in the United States a Report
Exercises Vpon the First Psalme Both in Prose and Verse
The Hill of Vision A Forecast of the Great War and of Social Revolution with the Coming of the New Rase Pp 1-132
Fifty Years a Pastor A Biographical Sketch of Dr Edmund Dowse with a History of His Church and a Report of the Celebration in His Honor October 10th 1888
Essays on Salvation by Christ
Extracts from Lectures in Divinity on Important Subjects Which Are Now Engrossing the Public Attention
Five One-Act Comedies
Financial and Miscellaneous Statistics Compiled from the Annual Reports Made by Public Utility to the Board of Public Utility Commissioners for the Year 1918
Chips from a Rough Ashlar Knocked Off by the Gavel of Common Sense A Discourse on the Ritual Ceremonial of Freemasonry
Fielding Or Society Atticus Or the Retired Statesman And St Lawrence in Three Volumes Vol II
Fits Diagnosis and Immediate Treatment of Cases of Insensibility and Convulsions
World at Work Series Fishing and Hunting
Five Young Men Messages of Yesterday for the Young Men of Today
Five Lectures on the Athanasian Creed Preached During Lent 1839 at the Parish Church of Cranbrook Kent
The Field Floridus And Other Poems
Exercises on the Elementary Principles of Latin Prose Composition with Examination Papers on the Elementary Facts of Latin Accidence and Syntax
Fifty-Two Ways to Make the Church Go Spiritually Financially Numerically
Fireside Thoughts Ballads Etc Etc
Entire Holiness An Essay
Letters from an American Soldier to His Father
Memorials of Rev Thomas de Witt DD
Letters on the Climate Inhabitants Productions c c of the Neilgherries or Blue Mountains of Coimbatoor South India
The Nutwood Library No I the Little Don Quixote A Story for Youth Translated from the German
Lectures on School Supervision
Letters on the Origin and Progress of the New Haven Theology
Memorials of a Tour in Some Parts of Greece Chiefly Poetical
Memoir of the Late Mrs Ann Johnstone Willow Park Greenock
Memorials of the Congregational Church or old Independent Meeting House Milbourne Port
Love-Letters That Caused a Divorce
Lost on Umbagog
Little Robbie
Memoir of Thomas Thrush Esq Formerly an Officer of Rank in the Royal Navy Who Resigned His Commission on the Ground of the Unreasonableness of War
Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch M canique C leste
Memoranda Concerning Sheldon Jackson and the Moderatorship of the 109th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Winona Assembly Grounds Eagle Lake Indiana May 20-28 1897 for Private Circulation
Louise Lateau the Ecstatica of Bois dHaine Her Life Stigmata and Ecstasies
Memoirs of a Stomach Written by Himself That All Who Eat May Read With Notes Critical and Explanatory
Memoir of Mrs Jane Tucker Wife of the Rev Charles Tucker
Memorials of a Residence on the Continent and Historical Poems
Leonard Wood on National Issues The Many-Sided Mind of a Great Executive Shown by His Public Utterances
Memorial of Samuel Charles Jackson
The Little Schoolmaster Mark A Spiritual Romance Second Part
Les Discussions Des Catholiques Suivant Les R gles de l glise
Over 3000 Questions on Laws of the Human Body or Physiology
The New York and Albany Post Road From Kings Bridge to the Ferry at Crawlier Over Against Albany Being an Account of a Jaunt on Foot Made at Sundry Convenient Times Between May and November Nineteen Hundred and Five
Official Report of the Twenty-Eighth Fruit-Growers Convention of the State of California Held Under the Auspices of the State Horticultural Commission at Los Angeles Commencing Tuesday May 5th and Ending Friday May 8th 1903
Oxford at the Cross Roads A Criticism of the Course of Litterae Humaniores in the University Pp 1-130
Plain Directions to Naval Officers as to the Law of Search Capture and Prize
Pilgrim Deeds and Duties A Handbook of Congregational History and Outlook Prepared for the Tercentenary of Congregationalism in America
Outline of Lectures Upon Political Economy Prepared for the Use of Students at Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD and the University of Michigan Ann Arbor Mich Prepared for the Use Students at the University of Michigan and Cornell University
The Passing God Songs for Lovers
Notes on Military Hygiene For Officers of the Line
Outlines of English Grammar for the Use of Junior Classes Sixth Edition
Order of the Classification of Sion College Library London
Parochial Ministrations
Official Report Fourth Annual Convention of the National Association of Builders of the United States of America January 27th 28th and 29th 1890
Over the Rocky Mountains to Alaska Pp 1-166
On Spermatorrhoea Ow to Treat and Cure It With Practical Observations on the Professional Fallacies and Popular Delusions Hich Prevail in Relation to Its Nature Consequences and Treatment
Notes on Some Passages in the Liturgical History of the Reformed English Church
On Infantilism from Chronic Intestinal Infection Characterized by the Overgrowth and Persistence of Flora of the Nursling Period a Study of the Clinical Course Bacteriology Chemistry and Therapeutics of Arrested Development in Infancy
The Outskirts of Physical Science Essays Philosophical and Religious Pp 1-184
On Wages and Combination
Outlines of Medical and Surgical Electricity and Short Notices of the Principal Diseases in Which Electricity Has Been Employed Successfully
Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the American Society of Municipal Improvements Held at Cincinnati Ohio September 11 12 and 13 1895
Onward to God Or the Sure Way to the Crown
Over-Pressure and Elementary Education
The Economics of the Household Six Lectures Given at the London School of Economics
Report of Botanical Survey of Southern and Central Louisiana Made During the Year 1870
Transactions of the Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Medical Society Held in the City of Columbus June 1859
Under the Palms A Volume of Verse
Transactions of the British Congress on Tuberculosis for the Prevention of Consumption London July 22nd to 26th 1901 Volume IV the Veterinary Section
Outlines of English Constitutional History for the Use of Students
A Lawyers Idle Hours Sentiment-Satire-Humor-Life-Death-Glory a Half Century Under the Nom-De-Plume Frank Myrtle
Thwarted Or Ducks Eggs in a Hens Nest A Story
Calisthenics and Light Gymnastics for Home and School
Stories of a Governess
Field Columbian Museum Publication 56 Anthropological Series Vol II No 5 Arch ological Investigations on the Island of La Plata Ecuador
Poems Pp 1-190
Mrs Cliffords Marriage
In His Steps A Book for Young Christians Setting Out to Follow Christ
Discourse on the Life and Character of the Hon Littleton Waller Tazewell Delivered in the Freemason Street Baptist Church Before the Bar of Norfolk Virginia and the Citizens Generally on the 29th Day of June 1860
Poems Pp 1-127
West Chester Pennsylvania The Most Important Suburb of Philadelphia
Three Months on the Continent Or the Record of a Tour Through Europe in 1874
State of Michigan Report of the Michigan-Forestry Commission for the Years 1907-1908
The Gipsies Advocate Or Observations on the Origin Character Manners and Habits of the English Gipsies
Testing Fire Risks for Rates Also a Reprint of the Little Paragraphs Comments and Criticisms on the Business of Fire Insurance
Under the Dragon Flag My Experiences in the Chino-Japanese War
The Fight for the Argonne Personal Experiences of A Y Man
L cole de lEscrime Petit Manuel Pratique lUsage de lArm e Suivi Du Code Du Duel
Cleveland Education Survey the Metal Trades
Flow of Water in Open Channels Pipes Sewers Conduits Etc with Tables Based on the Formulae of dArcy Kutter and Bazin
Forms of Morning and Evening Prayer Composed for the Use of Families
Classroom Problems in the Education of Gifted Children Thesis
Christ and Democracy
Introductory Educational Psychology A Book for Teachers in Training
The Modern Drama Series Five Plays The Gods of the Mountain the Golden Doom King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior the Glittering Gate the Lost Silk Hat
Points of Humour Illustrated by the Designs of George Cruikshank
Live-Load Stresses in Railway Bridges With Formulas and Tables
The Faithful A Tragedy in Three Acts
Engineers License Laws Copies of the Acts in Those States in Which All-Inclusive License Laws for Professional Engineers Have Been Enacted February 1922 Pp 1-133
Freedom and the Churches the Contributions of American Churches to Religious and Civil Liberty
Up from Georgia
Incidents in the Life of an Officer of the United States Navy Journals and Letters of Commodore Holland Newton Stevenson Together with a Sketch of His Life
Historical Odes and Other Poems
The Atonement of Christ Six Lectures in Hereford Cathedral During Holy Week 1871
Paralysis and Other Affectations of the Nerves Their Cure by Vibratory and Special Movements
Comforting Thoughts for the Weak and Weary Brief Meditations on Passages of Scripture
The Combatants An Allegory
Christianity Triumphant Its Defensive and Aggressive Victories
The Connection Between Thought and Memory A Contribution to Pedagogical Psychology on the Basis of F W D rpfelds Monograph Denken Und Ged chtnis with an Introduction by G Stanley Hall
The Connection Between Thought and Memory A Contribution to Pedagogical Psychology on the Basis of F W D rpfelds Monograph Denken Und Ged chtnis
The Drama Addresses
Dorothy Q Together with a Ballad of the Boston Tea Party Grandmothers Story of Bunker Hill Battle
Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin No 352 History Series Vol 2 No 2 Pp 321-477 Colonial Precedents of Our National Land System as It Existed in 1800
Discussion of Shoe Machinery The Real Issue
Earth and Sky Number II a Second and Third Grade Nature Reader and Text-Book
College Life in the Time of James the First as Illustrated by an Unpublished Diary of Sir Symonds dEwes Baronet and MP for Some Time a Fellow-Commoner of St Johns College Cambridge
Clover Cottage Or I Cant Get In a Novelette
Draft of Convention and Regulations Washington DC December 1920
Dramatic Idyls Second Series
Club Essays
Dorothea Kirke Or Free to Serve
Discourses on the Unity of God and Other Subjects
Christian Baptism Explained
Classic Stories for the Little Ones
College Warden
The Cobbler in Willow Street And Other Poems
The Earnest Methodist A Memoir of the Late Mr Thomas Dixon
Elephantiasis Gr corum Or True Leprosy Pp 2-150
Coming Events an Inquiry Regarding the Three Prophetical Numbers of the Last Chapter of Daniel
Elementary Principles of the Theories of Electricity Heat and Molecular Actions Designed for the Use of Students in the University Part I On Electricity
Education from the Cradle
Elementary Science Lessons Being a Systematic Course of Practical Object Lessons Standard I
Education in Accident Prevention A Treatise Showing How Accident Prevention May Be Made a Part of Regular School Instruction Without the Addition of Another Subject to the Curriculum
Edinburgh and Its Society in 1838 In Six Parts
Education and Autocracy in Russia from the Bolsheviki
Elementary Physics and Chemisty Third Stage
The Elements of Written Arithmetic Combining Analysis and Synthesis
Elementary Geology of Tennessee For the Use of the Public Schools and Other Institutions of Learning
Edwin Arnold as Poetizer and as Paganizer Containing an Examination of the Light of Asia for Its Literature and for Its Buddhism
Emerson Day by Day
Elements of Religion and Religious Teaching
Elementary Politics
Elijah and Other Poems
Elements of Western Water Law
Elementary Social Science
The Diplomacy of the Revolution An Historical Study
City Arithmetics Fourth Year Second Half
Die L nder Dillreich-Ungarns in Wort Und Bild Das Erzherzogthum sterreich Unter Der Enns
Elements of Optics for the Use of Schools and Colleges
Elements of the Law of Domestic Relations and of Employer and Employed
Daviss Poems Songs of the Age
Putnams Elementary Science Series Elements of Acoustics Light and Heat
Erie Cemetery A Hand Book Historical Biographical and Descriptive Containing Also the Charter and Laws Rules and Regulations and Other Matters of General Information
Diphtheria Its Cause Nature and Treatment
Ebulliscopic Measurements in Mixed Liquids
Easy Rules for the Measurement of Earthworks by Means of the Prismoidal Formula
Essays and Essay Writing for Public Examinations
Echoes and Realities
The Elements of Laboratory Work A Course of Natural Science
The Elements of Railroading A Series of Short Essays Reprinted from the Railroad Gazette
Elementary and Primary Views of Religion
Der Bal Seykhl A Roman Band 2 Pp 293-474
Clarendon Press Series Easy Passages for Translation Into Latin
The Elder and His Friends Christian Friendship Delineated in the Private Letters of John
English Echoes of German Song Translated by Dr R E Wallis Dr J D Morell F dAnvers
Ecclesiastes A Contribution to Its Interpretation
Dental Caries and Its Causes an Investigation Into the Influence of Fungi in the Destruction of the Teeth
Now You Know The Bible
A Specter of Justice A Sam Blackman Mystery
Up Is Not the Only Way Rethinking Career Mobility
Still Complaining
High Voltage The Life of Angus Young - AC DCs Last Man Standing
How to Teach Meditation to Children Help Kids Deal with Shyness and Anxiety and Be More Focused Creative and Self-confident
The Eighth Veil A Jerusalem Mystery
Seven Steps Into Angel Light A Journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Empowerment
Missing Persons A Buddy Steel Mystery
Pauline Johnson Selected Poetry and Prose
River Rough River Smooth Adventures on Manitobas Historic Hayes River
Solving the People Puzzle Cultural Intelligence and Special Operations Forces
Psychics and Mediums in Canada
Feasting and Fasting Canadas Heritage Celebrations
The 13th Target
Twenty Greatest Hockey Goals
The Greatest Lake Stories from Lake Superiors North Shore
No Lack of Courage Operation Medusa Afghanistan
More Prayers That Change Things
The Year She Left
Personal Names of Indians of New Jersey Being a List of Six Hundred and Fifty Such Names Gleaned Mostly from Indians Deeds of the Seventeenth Century
Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital Moorfields Report for the Year Ended 31st December 1881 With a List of the Governors and the Rules of the Hospital
Vichy and Its Therapeutical Resources
Pictorial Photography in America 1921
Refutation of the Mistatements and Calumnies Contained in MR Lockharts Life of Sir Walter Scott Bart Respecting the Messrs Ballantyne
Cuttings Selected from the Writings of Mrs P Annetta Peckham
An Elementary Treatise on Spherical Astronomy Adapted to a Course of Instruction in Civil Engineering
Ireland But Still Without the Ministry of the Word in Her Own Native Language
The Elements of Specification Writing A Text-Book for Students in Civil Engineering
Primitive Symbolism as Illustrated in Phallic Worship or the Reproductive Principle
Short Occasional Poems
Civil Procedure Before Justices of the Peace (Oklahoma Practice)
Cleveland Foundation Survey Overcrowded Schools and the Platoon Plan
Roman Sepulchral Inscriptions Their Relation to Arch ology Language and Religion
Lyrics and Elegies
Fourth Annual Report of the Illinois Free Employment Offices for the Ended October 1 1902
Catalogue of the Library of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Vol IV Part I
Publications of the American Economic Association Vol III No 1 I Statistics in Colleges II Sociology and Political Economy III the Legal-Tender Decisions
Holiday Papers 1910-11 Pp 9-91
Eczema Its Nature and Treatment and Incidentally the Influence of Constitutional Conditions on Skin Diseases Being the Lettsomian Lectures for the Session 1869-70
The Tale of the Basyn and the Frere and the Boy Two Early Tales of Magic Printed from Manuscripts Preserved in the Public Library of the University of Cambridge
Laws of New Hampshire Relating to Public Schools Compiled from Public Statutes and Session Laws of 1891-1911 Inclusive
Insecurity of British Property in Peru an Appeal to the Representatives of the British Nation
Mrs Miller
Catalogue of Pickering Publications from 1820 to the Present Time
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ An Address Delivered Before the Fifty-First Ohio State Sunday School Convention
The School Boy A Poem Part First and Second
Aphorisms for the Year Fourth Edition
Primer of French Philology with Exercises for Public Schools
Last Words in the Pulpit I-V
Riverside Educational Monographs Economy in Secondary Education
Discussions of the Drama II Goldoni on Playwriting
Some American Evils and Their Remedies
Fortunate Days
Cynewulfs elene A Metrical Translation from Zupitzas Edition
From the Rabbis to Christ Or in Quest of the Truth
Biographical Record of the Class of 1865 of Hamilton College
William Tell A Play in Five Acts
Worth and Wealth A Poem
Temporary Index of the General Laws
Annual Report of the Officers and Committees of the Architectural League of
Sir Philip Sidney Habilitationsschrift Durch Welche Mit Zustimmung Der Philosophischen Facultat Der Universit t Leipzig Pp I-LXXXIX
From a London Garden
Burning Cold
Worms a Series of Lectures on Practical Helminthology Delivered at the Medical College of the Middlesex Hospital
Alabama Crimson Tide Football Poems
Womans Wit Or Loves Disguises A Play in Five Acts
Three Household Poets Viz-Milton Cowper Burns with an Introduction on Poetry and Song
Two Essays Upon Matthew Arnold with Some of His Letters to the Author Pp 1-120
Shattered Memoirs of an Amnesiac
Tsuni - Goam The Supreme Being of the Khoi-Khoi
Three Letters on the Horse Master and Donkey
Welsh Lyrics of the Nineteenth Century
Welsh Sketches Second Series
Tom Or a Womans Work for Jesus
Women and Their Work
Two Letters on Apostolical Episcopal Succession and Tradition
Why Our Flag Floats Over Oregon Or the Conquest of Our Great Northwest Pp 1-75
Transactions of the Insurance Society of Edinburgh 1907-1908 Volume V
Written in Florence The Last Verses of Hugh McCulloch
Fair Shine
Widow Winpennys Watchword (Knapsack Series)
Transactions of the Gynaecological Society of Boston
West and by East
Scenes from Plautus for the Higher Forms in Public Schools
The Revelation of Life and Immortality A Discourse in Three Parts
State of New York Rules of Civil Practice Adopted by the Convention to Consider and Adopt Rules of Civil Practice June 17 1921
Bostonian Society Publications Vol 8
Report Presented by Gen Porfirio Diaz President of the United Mexican States to His Follow Countrymen Covering His Administration During the Constitutional Period from the 1st of December 1900 to the 30th of November 1904
Scenes in Bethany a Course of Lectures on the Eleventh Chapter of the Gospel According to St John
American Commercial Law Series Volume III Sales of Personal Property Containing the Text of the Uniform Sales ACT and the Uniform Bills of Landing ACT with Questions Problems and Forms
The Reward of Piety A Tribute of Esteem and Affection to the Memory of Mr James Green of Bradford Yorkshire Being a Sketch of His Life
City Document - No 105 City of Boston Report by the Commission Appointed to Investigate the Subject of the Annexation of Certain Neighboring Cities and Towns to the City of Boston
Rural Taste in Western Towns and Country Districts In Its Relation to the Principles of the Art of Landscape Gardening
Remains Historical and Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester Volume 38 - New Series The Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey of the Premonstratensian Order Vol I Part I
Bureau of the American Republics Salvador Bulletin No 58 1892
Royal School Series the Royal History Readers No 1 England to 1154 AD
Rough Notes of a Visit to Belgium Sedan and Paris in September 1870-71
Ritualism Doctrine Not Dress Notes of Lectures on Ritulism the Developement of Tractarianism Published by Request with Additions Including Remarks on the Charge of the Bishop of Salisbury
Remains Historical and Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester Vol 23 - New Series The Fellows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester Part II Pp 218-398
Rutland Papers Original Documents Illustrative of the Courts and Times of Henry VII and Henry VIII Selected from the Private Archives of His Grace the Duke of Rutland
Roses and Rue Pp1-132
Righteous Judgment Six Lectures on Future Punishment
The Masons as Makers of America The True Story of the American Revolution
Agatha and Agnes
Resources of the State of Arkansas With Description of Counties Railroads Mines and the City of Little Rock
The Eloquent Dempsey A Comedy in Three Acts Pp 1-82
Public Document No 48 Report of the Board of Metropolitan Park Commissioners December 1917
Four Lectures on the Clergy and Their Duties Addressed to the Unattached Students of the University of Oxford
Sugar Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives 67-1 on HJ Res 78 June 8 and 9 1921 Series F
La Donna Pallida Dramma in 4 Atti E Prologo
Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Paintings by Winslow Homer
Fifty-First Annual Report of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Maine for the Year Ending December 31 1918
The Light of Christ Exalted Or the More Excellent Way Briefly Set Forth
Frosty Ferguson Strategist
Log of the Eleventh Annual Cruise of the Second Presbyterian Fishing Club of Philadelphia July 2D to 13th 1881 Inclusive on the Schooner Samuel Applegit
On Nurses and Nursing With Especial Reference to the Management of Sick Women
Alien Land Laws and Alien Rights
Lyra Levis
What Is Religion the Question Answered
National Unity in the German Novel Before 1870 No 14
Cornell University Department of Chemistry On the Constitution of Galle n and Coerule n A Dissertation
Debate Between Tom Mann and Arthur M Lewis at the Garrick Theatre Chicago Illinois Sunday November 16 1913
National Unity in the German Novel Before 1870
Hearing Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives on Resolution 410
China Imperial Maritime Customs II-Special Series No 4 Opium
Practical Lessons in Language
A Study in Case Rivalry Being an Investigation Regarding the Use of the Genitive and the Accusative in Latin with Verbs of Remembering and Forgetting
Pontificale Ecclesi S Andre The Pontifical Offices
Principles of Interpreting the Prophecies
Practical Directions for Forming and Managing Joint-Stock Companies With Limited Liability or Otherwise Under the Provisions of the Joint-Stock Companies Act 1856
Progressive Lessons in Applied Science Part II - Solidity Weight and Pressure
Proceedings of the 36th Annual Convention of the Master Car and Locomotive Painters Association of the United States and Canada Held at Cleveland Ohio September 12 13 14 and 15 1905
Pompeii of the West and Other Poems
Murbys Science and Art Department Series of Text Books Principles of Agriculture Expressly Adapted to the Requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department South Kensington
The Power and Promise of the Liberal Faith A Plea for Reality
Principles of Insurance Legislation
Practical Observations on the Local and Constitutional Effects of Syphilis and Its Treatment
Ohio State Bar Association Reports Vol XIV Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association Held at Put-In-Bay on July 19 20 and 21 1893
Prayers for Families for Four Weeks Selected from Scott Gray Knight Hardman and Other
The Prisoner of Chiloane Or with the Portuguese in South-East Africa
Practical English Composition Book IV for the Fourth Year of the High School
Portraits of the Spruggins Family Arranged by Richard Sucklethumkin Spruggins
Progressive Exercises on the Composition of Greek Iambic Verse with a Treatise on the Dramatic Tragic Metrical Systems the Iambic Metre and an Outline of Attic Prosody
Popular Drugs Their Use and Abuse
Popery Not Catholicism in Two Parts Part First Six Lectures on Infallibility Part Second Vindici Laic
Prayers and Meditations
Poverties Counsel an Allegorical Ballad and Other Poems and Songs Pp 39-143
Principles of English Composition Through Analysis and Synthesis A Text for the Senior Classes of Elementary Schools and for Pupil-Teachers
Star Chamber Cases Showing What Cases Properly Belong to the Cognizance of That Court
Premillenialism a Delusion by a Member of the Presbytery of Northumberland
Charter Ordinances and By-Laws of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Songs by the Sedges
Bruche A Monograph The History of Bruche Hall Near Warrington
Pan-Worship And Other Poems
Coming Judgment
Address Delivered Before the Literary Association Blandford Mass Sept 21 1850 Upon the History of That Town
Handbook of British Continental and Canadian Universities with Special Mention of the Courses Open to Women Supplement for 1901
Popular Objections to the Book of Common Prayer Considered in Four Sermons on the Sunday Lessons in Tent the Commination Service and the Athanasian Creed
The Strains in Trusses Computed by Means of Diagrams With Twenty Examples Drawn to Scale
Leather for Libraries
Law Society of the United Kingdom the Charter of Incorporation The Bye-Laws Ordained the 29th of May 1832 the Regulations Made by the Committee of Management Pursuant to the Bye-Laws and a List of Members
Discourses on the Philosophy of Religion Addresses to Doubters Who Wish to Believe
Memoir of the Late Rev John Baird Minister of Yetholm Roxburghshire
Lectures on the Lords Prayer
Hymns from the Gospel of the Day for Each Sunday and the Festivals of Our Lord
Bulletin of the Free Library of Philadelphia No 6 Selected List of Unired States Public Documents
History of the Battle of Bunkers [breeds] Hill on June 17 1775 From Authentic Sources in Print and Manuscript
An Elementary Treatise Upon the Method of Least Squares with Numerical Examples of Its Applications
Echoes from Vagabondia
William Henry Willcox A Sketch
Fifty More Sonnets on Various Subjects
Curb Snaffle and Spur A Method of Training Young Horses for the Cavalry Service and for General Use Under the Saddle
Social and Civic Work in Country Communities Bulletin No 18
A Protest Against Agnosticism The Rationale or Philosophy of Belief
The Cities of Refuge Or the Name of Jesus a Sunday Book for the Young
The Riverside Literature Series Literature for the Study of Language As Suggested by the Course of Study for the Common Schools of North Dakota
Rules of India Dupleix
Beyond the Shadow and Other Poems
Philosophies Ancient and Modern Early Greek Philosophy
Harness As It Has Been as It Is and as It Should Be With Remarks on Traction and the Use of the Cape Cart
Conscript 2989 Experience of a Drafted Man Illustrated by H B Martin
Parmly Method Second Reader
Tom Balch An Historical Tale of West Somerset During Monmouths Rebellion Together with Amusing and Other Poems Some of Them in the Somersetshire Dialect
Central Government The English Citizen His Right and Responsibilities
Democracy and Social Growth in America Four Lectures
Mechanism in Thought and Morals an Address With Notes and Afterthoughts
Principles of Currency and Banking
Essays on the Dwellings of the Poor and Other Subjects
Nothing Venture Nothing Have
Practice and Theory of the Injector
Poems I Grongar Hill II the Ruins of Rome III the Fleece in Four Books
Primer of Elocution and Action
Dublin University Press Series the Parabola Ellipse and Hyperbola Treated Geometrically
Pomegranates from an English Garden A Selection from the Poems of Robert Browning
Poesies from a Country Garden Selections from the Works of E Waugh Part I II
Practical Remarks Upon the Principle of Rating Railway Gas Water and Other Companies Land Titles Buildings Manufactories and Other Properties Liable to Be Assessed Towards the Relief of the Poor
Observations on Diseases of the Lower Bowel and on Their Cure Without Operation
Poetical Recreation
Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention of the American Railway Bridge and Building Association Successor to the Association of Railway Superintendents of Bridges and Buildings Held at Cleveland Ohio October 21-23 1919
The Problem of Reality Being Outline Suggestions for a Philosophical Reconstruction
Columbia University Oriental Studies Vol XVII The Philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas
Practical Observations on the Diseases of the Joints Involving Anchylosis and on the Treatment for the Restoration of Motion
Primary Arithmetic for the Use of Teachers
Principal Rainy A Biographical Study
The Philosophy of Mission A Present-Day Plea
Philosophical Catechism of the Natural Laws of Man
Lectures on Protestant Nonconformity
The Christian Religion Illustrated and Proved by Scripture Testimony as Foretold by Moses and the Prophets and Further Illustrated by Jesus and His Apostles
Geological Sketches and Observations on Vegetable Fossil Remains c Collected in the Parish of Ashton-Under-Lyne from the Great South Lancashire Coal Field c c c
Poems All the Way from Pike
Report of Proceedings of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association at Its Twentieth Annual Meeting Held at Danville June 7 and 8 1899
Who to Consult or a Book of Reference for Invalids in Disordered Health Difficult Cases or Long-Standing Disease
Twenty-Five Letters to a Young Lady
Another Blow for Life
Correspondence on the Present Relations Between Great Britain and the United States of America
Chemistry of Agriculture The Food of Plants Including the Composition Properties and Adulteration of Manures
Ballads of America and Other Poems
Habit and Its Importance in Education An Essay in Pedagogical Psychology Translated from the German of Dr Paul Radestock with an Introduction
Radium Explained A Popular Account of the Relations of Radium to the Natural World to Scientific Thought and to Human Life
Heavens Whispers in the Storm with a Memoir of the Author
Bells Cathedral Series the Cathedral Church of Peterborough A Description of Its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcopal See
Purulent Nasal Discharges Their Diagnosis and Treatment
Sinclairs Division Courts Act 1880 Being Full and Careful Annotation of the Division Courts Art 1880
The Presidents of the United States Sketches
Miracles and Supernatural Religion
The Laws of Whist All the Important Decisions Made in England France and the United States Inserted Beneath the Rule Under Which Each Case Arose Modern Whist Very Generally Illustrated and Explained the System of Combination of Forces
Mother Earth A Proposal for the Permanent Reconstruction of Our Country Life and a Description of the Land Club Scheme
History of the National Educational Association of the United States Its Organization and Functions Historical Sketch
Practical Carp Culture
Lights and Shadows in Confederate Prisons A Personal Experience 1864-5
First Year Language Reader
Ibex Shooting on the Himalayas
What Are Teinds an Account of the History of Tithes in Scotland
Pumping and Water Power A Guide to the Hydraulic Laws and Conditions Influencing Pumping Operations and to the Efficient Use of Pumping and Water Power Apparatus with Rules and Tables Bearing Thereupon
Treatise and Hand-Book of Orange Culture in Florida Louisiana and California
Art Principles in House Furniture and Village Building An Exposition of Designing Principles Which Every House Builder Furniture User and Village Dweller Should Know
Electrical Construction An Elementary Course for Vocational Schools
The Book-Bills of Narcissus An Account Rendered
Union Labor in Peace and War
Blood Pressure Technique Simplified
Equity Practice in the United States Circuit Courts a Compilation of the Provisions Governing the Same as Found in the Statutes of the United States Rules in Equity and Decisions of the Supreme Court
Joy in Jesus Brief Memorials of Bella Darling
Davys Devon Herd Book Containing the Names of the Breeders the Ages and Pedigrees of the Devon Cattle with the Prizes They Have Gained Volume the Third
Biennial Report of the Attorney General of the State of Colorado Years 1915 and 1916
Revised Edition 1916 Aldine Readers Primer
Francis the First An Historical Drama
Harpers Round Table Library Track Athletics in Detail Pp1-144
Told at Tuxedo
Journal of the Council of the Territory of Washington During the Second Session of the Legislative Assembly Begun and Held at Olympia December 4 1854
Notes on Logic For the Use of Students Preparing for Examinations
Annus Amoris
Lucy Herbert Or the Little Girl Who Would Have an Education
Master Troublesome
Autumn Gatherings Mabel Ashton A Tale of the Crimean War and the Recluse of Rutherford Manor
Small Books on Great Subjects - XVII Martineaus Study of Religion An Analysis and Appreciation
Fowls A Plain and Familiar Treatise on the Principal Breeds Instruction for Breeding and Exhibition with Which Is Reprinted the the Dorking Fowl Its Management and Feeding for the Table
Moods Songs and Doggerels
Macaulays Lays of Ancient Rome the Armada Ivry and the Battle of Naseby
76 Lyrics of the Revolution
Morituri Three One - ACT Plays Teja - Fritzchen - The Eternal Masculine
Mated from the Morgue A Tale of the Second Empire
Moods Songs and Doggerels Pp 1-109
Moderation vs Total Abstinence Or Dr Crosby and His Reviewers
Miss Tooseys Mission and Laddie
Mabel Gray and Other Poems
Minuscula Lyrics of Nature Art and Love
Missionary Cabinet
Mary Cary Frequently Martha
Miscellaneous Poems Selected from the United States Literary Gazette
Martins Intellectual Primer
Small Books on Great Subjects-XVII Martineaus Study of Religion An Analysis and Appreciation
Marriage with a Deceased Brothers Wife Condemned by the Laws of Nature Scripture and the Testimony of Churches and Nations
Lyrics of War and Peace
Cousin Lucy at Study
Dames of High Degree Being Portraits After English Masters with Decorations and Biographical Notes
Dying at the Top Or the Moral and Spiritual Condition of the Young Men of America
Driftings in Dreamland Poems
Cowardice Court
Community Dental Service Dental Needs and Dental Facilities with Special Reference to a Dental Program for Chicago Pp 1-120
Dr Jamesons Raid Its Causes and Consequences
The Damask Girl And Other Stories
Dr Grenfells Parish The Deep Sea Fisherman
The Daisy and Her Friends Simple Tales and Stories for Children
The Crofton Boys A Tale
Compiled Law of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan Revision of A L 5873 with Amendments to and Including A L 5920 A D 1920
The Dutchmans Fireside A Tale in Two Volumes Vol I
Counsel for Emigrants and Interesting Information from Numerous Sources With Original Letters from Canada and the United States
de Incarnatione Verbi Dei Together with Three Essays Subsidiary to the Same
Communion with God Or Morning and Evening Prayers for a Month
Foreign and Home Law Its Main Points of Contact with Our Foreign Trade
Daily Duties Inculcated in a Series of Letters Addressed to the Wife of a Clergyman Pp 1-173
Export Policies Part I Determining Export Policies Part II Export Policies Employed in Certain Lines
Supplement to the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science July 1908 Child Labor and Social Progress Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the National Child Labor Committee
Ideals and Democracy An Essay in Modernism
Hughess Historical Readers (History of England) Standard V
Homilies on the Sermon on the Mount
History of the Battle of Lake Erie (September 10 1813) and Reminiscences of the Flagships Lawrence and Niagara
How John Norton the Trapper Kept His Christmas
The Happy Princess And Other Poems
Hymns on the Psalms
Homely Pictures in Verse Chiefly of a Domestic Character
Riverside Educational Monographs History in the Elementary School
Housing by Voluntary Enterprise Being Chiefly an Examination of the Arguments Concerning the Provision of Dwelling-Hourses by Municipal Authorities Under Part III of the Housing of the Working Classes Acts
History of the New York Farmers 1882-1910
Hymns Odes Sonnets
Hatties Mistake Or Mothers and Mothers
How We Got Our Bible Pp 1-152
Appletons Home Books the Home Library by Arthur Penn
Riverside Educational Monographs History in the Elementary School
How We Treat Wounds To-Day A Treatise on the Subject of Antiseptic Surgery Which Can Be Understood by Beginners
How Germany Does Business Chapters on Export and Finance Methods Pp 1-140
The Law of Process Under the Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1876 With Notes on Proposed Extentionsof Jurisdiction
The Hour of Death and the Invisible World A Collection of Opinions and Facts
Lady Eva-Her Last Days
Leonard Wood on National Issues The Many-Sided Mind of a Great Executive Shown by His Public Utterances Compiled with a Foreword
Kindergarten Lessons for Church Sunday Schools a Manual for the Instruction of Beginners Prepared for the Sunday School Commission Diocese of New York
Left to Our Father
The Key to South Africa Delagoa Bay
Lectures to Young Men Pp1-185
Kindergarten Lessons for Church Sunday Schools A Manual for the Instruction of Beginners
Key to Graded Lessons in Shorthand A Series of Easy Steps Simple Methodical and Exhaustive for the Use of Students and Teachers in Two Parts Part II
International Obligations Journal of the National Institute of Social Sciences Vol VII August 1 1921
King Alfreds Jewel
The Kinder-Garten Principles of Fr bels System and Their Bearing on the Education of Women Also Remarks on the Higher Education of Women
Lectures to Young Women Pp 1-191
Parks Language Course Language Lessons Including Composition and Inductive Grammar
The Law of the Hustings and Poll Booths Being a Manual of the Law Governing the Successive Stages of a Contested Election
State of Louisiana Labor Laws of the State of Louisiana 1922
Mathematical Momographs No 17 Lectures on Ten British Physicists of the Nineteenth Century
The Law on Adulteration Being the Sale of Food and Drugs Acts 1875 and 1879 with Notes Cases and Extracts from Official Reports a Handbook
Lessons in Physiology for Beginners Including Brief and Plain Descriptions of the Most Important Parts of the Human Body and the Action of Alcohol and Other Stimulants
Lauries Graduated Series of Reading Lesson Books Cheap and Abridged Edition for Elementary Schools in Six Books Book III
Landscape Architecture as Applied to the Wants of the West With an Essay on Forest Planting on the Great Plains
Last Essays on Church and Religion
League of Nations Its Principal Examined Vol II
Etudes Economoques Et Financi res Le Probl me Du Change En Espagne Project de R forme Mon taire
K ramos and Other Poems
Lectures on Future Punishment
Lectures on the Pantheistic Idea of an Impersonal-Substance-Deity
Lessons for the Young on the Six Days of Creation
Lays of the Future
Lectures on the Nature and Dangerous Tendency of Modern Infidelity Delivered to Young Men in the First Baptist Church in the City of Cleveland Ohio
Lessons in Elementary Mechanics First Stage
Twentieth Century Text-Books Laboratory Studies in Chemistry
Latin Primer A First Book of Latin for Boys and Girls
Junior Carols A Collection of Sacred Songs for Junior Societies Sunday Schools the Home Circle
Lessons in English for Foreign Women for Use in Settlements and Evening Schools
Henrys Junior Dictation Lessons
Lecture Notes on Some of the Business Features of Engineering Practice
Knowledge and Culture
The Law Relating to Highways Comprising the State 5 6 Will IV Cap 50 (Passed 31st August 1835) with Tables of Contents Explanatory Notes Forms References and a Copious Index
Lectures on the Heart Comprising the Herter Lectures (Baltimore) A Harvey Lecture (New York ) and an Address to the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University (Montreal)
Lectures on the Heart
John Wiclif Patriot Reformer Life and Writings
John Jerninghams Journal
Lays and Legends Or Ballads of the New World
Evidence as to Mans Place in Nature
Meditations on the Essence of Christianity
Life and Matter A Criticism of Professor Haeckels Riddle of the Universe
Manna in the Camp Or Selections from the Letters of a Medical Officer to His Wife During the Eastern Campaign in 1854-55
Life and Teachings of Jesus
Mary the Handmaid of the Lord
Life-Story of Hosea Ballou for the Young
I Cinque Canti Tomo Settimo
Laboratory Exercises With Outlines for the Study of Chemistry to Accompany and Elementary Text
Lost Angel of a Ruined Paradise A Drama of Modern Life
Meditations and Prayers on the Ordination Service for Deacons
Life Questions
No 127 Harpers Handy Series Issued Weekly Machine Politics and Money in Elections in New York City April 15 1887
Memoirs of Evan Rees Consisting Chiefly of Extracts from His Letters
State Civil Service Commission Manual of Examinations for the State and County Service (Revised to July 1 1903)
The Lonely Dancer And Other Poems Pp 1-184
Man a Creative First Cause Two Discourses Delivered at Concord Mass July 1882
Logical Praxis Comprising a Summary of the Principles of Logical Science and Copious Exercises for Practical Application
Mary Pryor A Life Story of a Hundred Years Ago
Memoirs of Dr Richard Gilpin of Scaleby Castle in Cumberland And of His Posterity in the Two Succeeding Generations Written in the Year 1791
Lord Bacon Not the Author of the Christian Paradoxes Being a Reprint of Memorials of Godliness and Christianity
Little Willie
Man as a Creative First Cause Two Discourses Delivered at Concord Mass July 1882 Pp1-109
Live Toys Or Anecdotes of Our Four-Legged and Other Pets
Libraries of Greater New York Manual and Historical Sketch of the New York Library Club
Lucy Smith the Music Governess
Little Threads Or Tangle Thread Silver Thread and Golden Thread
Light in Lifes Shadows Or Hymns for the Sorrowing
Little Stories of France
Christian Biography Lives of Bunyan Henry and Hall
Lutheranism in America An Essay on the Present Condition of the Lutheran Church in the United States
Light and Air A Text-Book for Architects and Surveyors
Livelihood Dramatic Reveries
The Lighting of School-Rooms A Manual for School Boards Architects Superintendents and Teachers
Little Tots Lessons
Life and Death As Taught in Scripture
Letters and Diaries of Philipp Saphir
Life and Adventures of Ned Buntline With Ned Buntlines Anecdote of Frank Forester and Chapter of Angling Sketches
Letters and Conversations Selected from the Best Writers for the Use of English Students to Facilitate the Practice of Translating from English Into French with Notes
Letter and Spirit Winchester Lectures
Letter and Spirit
Libraries and Readers
New-World Speller Second Book for Grades Four Five and Six
Collection Verite Nouveau Journal In dit
Notes on Cylinder Bridge Piers and the Well System of Foundations Especially Written to Assist Those Engaged in the Construction of Bridges Quays Docks River-Walls Weirs
New Views of Heaven Six Lectures on the Inhabitants Phenomena and Order of and Order of the World to Come
Mohonk Addresses
One Hundred Picnic Suggestions
On the Theory and Calculation of Continuous Bridges
Notes on the Composition of Scientific Papers Pp 1-131
Order of Morning Service and Selection of Psalms for Channing Church Newton
Monacella A Poem
On the Nature and Constitution of the Present Kingdom of Heaven Upon Earth
English History Riading Books Old Stories from British History
Old Stones Notes of Lectures on the Plutonic Silurian and Devonian Rocks in the Neighbourhood of Malvern
On Protoplasm Being an Examination of James Hutchison Stirlings Criticism of Professor Huxleys Views
New Century Readers for Childhood Days First Year
The Microscopist Or a Complete Manual on the Use of the Microscope For Physicians Students and All Lovers of Natural Science
Mieldenvold the Student Or the Pilgrimage Through Northumberland Durham Berwickshire and the Adjacent Counties
Micah A New Translation with Notes for English Readers and Hebrew Students

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